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Land Clearing Services in Charlottesville, Virginia

Land clearing is the first step in any construction project. The land must be cleared and graded before construction can begin.

Generally, trees will need to be cleared from the property before excavation or development. However, the cost of t...

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Tree Stump Removal in Charlottesville, Virginia

What is the fastest way of getting rid of a stump from a tree?

Chemical removal is the fastest method to remove a stump from a tree without using a grinder. You can speed up natural decay by applying chemicals to the stump. The remaining tree fibe...

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Tree Trimming Service in Charlottesville, Virginia

What is the difference between pruning and tree trimming?

Pruning is used for removing unwanted branches. Pruning, on the contrary, promotes healthy growth. To create a healthier and more beautiful landscape, both services are performed at diff...

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Tree Removal Service in Charlottesville, Virginia

Our tree services are available to homeowners and commercial properties in Charlottesville. We can help with tree removal, trimming, pruning, fertilization, tree fertilization, and other tree care services.

Our holistic approach to tree health c...

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Tree Service in Charlottesville, Virginia

If you're thinking about getting a tree removed, you should hire a professional tree service company to do it for you. Tree removal is dangerous and can be a safety hazard if it falls on your property. Therefore, you should never attempt to remove a larg...

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2 months ago
Great tree service company! The guys were polite and respectful. They definitely take pride in their work and you can tell they enjoy it. I would recommend them to anyone needing tree work done.
- Raimond M
6 days ago
Tree Care HQ did an outstanding job for us. We had 7 very large trees that had grown around our backyard and we were very concerned that if we had the trees cut down and the trees fell to the ground it would cause damage. Moises and Jake showed up right on time. Everyone we spoke with from Tree Care HQ was very professional and reassuring, starting with the guy who gave us the estimate. Also, the men that worked on the cleaning process were excellent!! A very big thank you to everyone!!
- Tami H
a month ago
I hired Tree Care HQ to trim a very large tree in my backyard. It was very old and looked like it was going to break any time now. Its branches were all over the place and that was causing a lot of problems. Pedro and his crew from Tree Care HQ had to remove some large branches, but after they finished, the tree still has a balanced, pleasing appearance. They also trimmed some other trees for me. When they finished they cleaned up the whole area and it looked spotless! Thank you for your wonderful service!!
- Sean G

Tree Removal Near Me Charlottesville VA

Charlottesville Tree Care Services

In a given year, trees in the Charlottesville area can easily lose up to 30% of their foliage. While aesthetically pleasing, this loss does put stress on them and leaves them vulnerable to a number of structural problems including insect infestations and disease. As the best tree care service provider in Charlottesville, VA, TreeCareHQ is dedicated to helping our residential and commercial customers' trees stay in their healthiest condition.
Our Charlottesville tree service companies will work closely with you to find the best method of keeping your trees in optimal condition. There are many different services available including tree maintenance, fertilization programs, insect and disease control, and emergency services. Whatever your tree care needs may be, TreeCareHQ Charlottesville is a locally operated tree service near me company with experienced arborists ready to help.

Get a Free Quote for Our Most Popular Tree Services in Central Virginia
  • Tree Felling
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning
  • Stump Removal
  • Arborist Tree Care

Tree Trimming and Pruning
The trees in Albemarle County are beautiful, but they can also be dangerous. A tree that's not trimmed regularly is a liability. Unpruned trees can break and fall on your home or car causing damage to property and injury to people. Pruning helps prevent disease and insect infestation that could kill the tree.
Our team of qualified arborists promote healthy trees through regular tree maintenance services including tree pruning, trimming, fertilizing, disease control treatments as well as tree removal services if necessary at an affordable price you'll love.
We always use the highest quality tree pruning equipment from top brands like Stihl for all our work because we take great pride in our service and want it done right. You don't have to worry about getting ripped off with us because we're fully licensed & insured so you're protected by law. Call today for a free estimate for tree trimming near me in Charlottesville, VA.
Tree Removal Charlottesville VA
Tree felling and removal is dangerous and should be left to tree service contractors with proper equipment. TreeCareHQ Charlottesville provides professional services from highly-trained tree cutting professionals using the latest safety gear and well-maintained tree removal equipment.
We can handle any size job, whether it’s just one small branch or an entire forest of trees that need to come down. Our team will assess your situation before we start work so we know exactly what needs to happen in order to get the job done safely and quickly.
When you hire us to be your tree service company, you can rest easy knowing that all of our tree specialists are fully trained in safe practices when working with chainsaws, axes, chippers/shredders, etc., as well as how to use ropes and harnesses while climbing trees.
We also carry full liability insurance coverage for every single employee who works for our tree company – which means if anything goes wrong during your tree care project, you and your property are protected.
When should a tree be removed?
This is a common question we hear from home and business owners in Charlottesville. Here are some reasons why a tree should be removed:
  • Remove a tree when it poses an immediate danger.
  • A break or structural damage to the trunk that threatens the stability of the tree.
  • The root system is deteriorating.
  • If invasive pests are living in its bark, which could lead to fatal infestations.
  • Endangers utility lines, foundations of homes/buildings, electric cables, sewers/stormwater drains, etc.
  • Creates safety issues for pedestrians by making roads less visible and blocking sidewalks or roadsides with overhanging branches.

Typically trees should be trimmed (not removed) if they are considered aesthetically pleasing. Though removing a tree can sometimes be more expensive than just maintaining it year-round, the need for tree removal happens far less frequently when proper maintenance and preventive care is given.
What are the different types of tree removal services?
Whether you need one small tree eliminated or an entire tract of land cleared, TreeCareHQ Charlottesville offers a variety of tree removal services, including tree felling, chipping and grinding for disposal, salvaging wood from the trunk and top limbs for future use, offering limb-and-bark mulch for those interested in making their own compost or firewood, tree and land clearing for construction and development, and forestry mulching for eco-friendly lot clearing.
Will my tree removal job in Albemarle County require a permit?
For most of Charlottesville, Keswick, Crozet, and Earlysville, it depends on whether the tree is on private or public property. Removing trees on public property will require a permit. If it's on private property, however, you won't need a permit to remove trees up to five inches in diameter (but always check with your local governing authority for changes). For calls about removing larger trees (larger than five inches in diameter), check with us to find out what applies to your specific situation.
What is your cleanup process?
We take yard clean-up very seriously at TreeCareHQ Charlottesville. We strive to leave our customers' properties in spotless condition when we have completed our tree care services.
Our team of tree removal experts always makes sure to haul away any debris left from tree trimming and removal projects. We have wood chippers available to produce mulch from pruned limbs and branches and from the bark of the trunk after a tree felling job. We can also leave sections of a felled tree to be used as firewood if you desire.
Storm Cleanup

We also provide storm preparation services, like cabling and bracing, to prevent damage to trees from violent thunderstorms, high wind events, and freezing rain and ice storms.
When storms do occur and cause a mess across your landscape, our cleanup staff does a great job of quickly removing debris to restore your home or business property to like-new condition.
What are the variables that can impact tree removal costs?
Tree removal prices vary depending on the tree species, size of the tree, and other factors. The best way to get an accurate estimate is by contacting us for a free assessment. Here are a few questions you may want to answer when determining the cost for tree removal service:
  • What type or species do I have?
  • What’s the size or height?
  • How much clearance will I need around my house for equipment access?
  • How far from power lines and utilities does it stand?
  • Are there any buildings nearby that pose a hazard when felling?
  • Are emergency services needed; like when a tree has fallen and is blocking a road or driveway?

Tree Stump Grinding and Stump Removal
Our Charlottesville tree service pros also provide tree stump grinding and removal services for tree stumps of any size. Our stump grinding service grinds the stump down to a level surface with a machine known as a stump grinder, and can even provide tree root removal if desired. You can hire us to completely dig out the entire root system or we can just grind off the surface roots so the area can be leveled and graded. Call us today when you need stump grinding near me in Charlottesville.
Request a Charlottesville Tree Service Estimate from the Best Tree Service Company
We maintain a simple premise to be the best tree company in Charlottesville and the surrounding areas of central Virginia. As a family-owned business striving to do an excellent job for our tree care customers, we are an uncommon tree company dedicated to delivering the best service in the area.
Call us 24-hours a day, any time of the year to speak to one of our friendly customer care associates. They'll ask you some questions about the tree work you need and then dispatch one of our professional tree service estimators to your home or business. Our estimator will provide you with a written quote providing top-quality tree service for an extremely good value.
Albemarle County Service Areas
  • City of Charlottesville (C'ville)
  • Crozet
  • Esmont
  • Free Union
  • Hollymead
  • Ivy
  • Pantops
  • Piney Mountain
  • Rivanna
  • Scottsville
  • University of Virginia 

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